WWW. Tibetan paper and photograph, 2020. A series of five photographs in which I used a Tibetan paper with a hole, in reference to the work by Antonio Dias, Niranjannirakhar, 1977. In my work, the paper's hole speaks both to the void and to a universe of possibilities. In connection to the title, I had the idea of creating this work while I was organizing my website, thinking about the "online presence" in the www. Then thinking about the letter "w", which we don't have in the Portuguese alphabet. In this particular image, confronting the emptiness of my womb after my daughter was born and the new possibilities of creation of life in my body after one pregnancy is over.
All the rocks my daughter got in the river, organized to please me. Rocks on paper, 2020. . Ongoing project with multiple versions. My baby daughter collects rocks when we are out, and often I end up with multiple rocks in my pockets. I organize the rocks on paper either to assemble them in a "scientific" manner to observe their qualities or create abstract images like this one. This is a work dear to me as it starts to indicate to me ways to blur art and life with my daughter's collaboration.
Eat your greens. Yogurt on canvas, 2020.